The Light Through The Darkness

This is a blog about hope, inspiration, and traveling on the path to self discovery.


Believe in yourself
take risks for your highest good
live life not in worry or fear.
Loved ones that have passed on, are with you and love you, always love. Pay attention to your dreams.

There is love, but there is evil.
There is light, and there is darkness.
Inhuman spirits, roaming no light inside them. Demons. Not in God’s image.
Protect yourself. Shine your light, cut into the darkness. Shred it into tiny pieces, and transform it.
You are strong, powerful. Believe.
Call on your angels, and Jesus, believe you can.

Live life with no regrets
follow your dreams till the very end and beyond
Live not in fear or worry
they no longer serve you. Get rid of what no longer serves. They hinder your journey.

Keep your vibration high in the midst of stress
meditate on the one.
You have the courage, you know what to do
trust the universe
trust yourself

Let your light guide you
You are here on this earth plane for a very short time, really only a split second.
There is no time in the spirit realm.
Do what you came down here to do
we believe in you,
believe in yourself.
Just believe

Don’t live life in what if’s, it’s a byproduct of fear.
Mediate on the one and only.
You are a part of Christ Jesus
call on him, feel him
you share his consciousness.
Meditate on the one. You know what it is
look within
everything you need to know is there.
Don’t believe in hope. Hope is worry.
Believe that you can move mountains, and change water into wine.
Believe it, know it, in every cell, and every fiber of your being. No doubt.

call on me
peace be with you.
As above so below
And so it is
and it is so.

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Let me speak
to your spirit within.
Open your heart and
let the magic begin.

You’ve heard it before,
be still and know that I am God.
Quiet your mind and your chatter.
Be calm.
Raise your energy and feel me
feel me with you
I will talk to you
I am you
let me speak.

When you are weary, and heavy laden,
when you can’t walk another mile,
when you feel like you can’t go on
and want to give up,
Don’t ever give up,
call on me.
Just stop whatever you are doing,
breathe,follow the breath, and
let me speak.

You will know it’s me
you’ll know
you’ll just know.
Trust it.
You’ll feel it in the pit of your stomach.
You will know it’s me when you
let me speak.

Trust me
Trust me
I need you to trust me and you.
I am you, you are me
together we are one.
To get the answers you seek, trust me
let me speak.

You can see,
you can see how it works.
You have three eyes,
two to look
and one to see, from within.
To see the truth from within.
Feel and trust the truth.
You will see everything
if only you would
let me speak.

Right before dawn, or right after sunset
you’ll hear me the best, but I am always there for you,
anytime day or night.
Waiting, and listening, for when you are ready
When you are ready to,
let me speak.

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I feel the light
the heat
the power
that’s within me.
It’s in each of us
open your eyes
your divine eye
to see
and to feel
and to trust.

Don’t deny it
obey it
you are united
know she loves you

we are not alone in this world
our ancestors of the past, present and future
are all around us, surrounding us
protecting us from harm.
Believe it.
It’s the law of the universe
since the dawn
of time.

When you feel like no one understands you, and realize
you are not of this planet,
turn within
to receive the
and wisdom that is you
it is what you are.

Universal mind
universal light
universal love
from God

think, but
don’t think
follow the breath
it will lead you to the mystery
and you will discover
it’s no mystery at all,
that it’s been with you this whole time.
And so it is.

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Calling all lambs
calling all lambs
lambs to the slaughter
lambs to the slaughter
calling all lambs
calling all lambs
lambs to the slaughter
lambs to the slaughter

What would happen if you
blindly followed leaders of any kind
religious or political?
Your killing yourselves
They would lead you to slaughter

Calling all lambs
calling all lambs
lambs to the slaughter
lambs to the slaughter

Blind faith without knowledge
is lambs to the slaughter
Blind faith without truth
is lambs to the slaughter
Blind faith without trust
is lambs to the slaughter
Blind faith without inner guidance
is lambs to the slaughter

Calling all lambs
calling all lambs
lambs to the slaughter
lambs to the slaughter

Let go of fear,
Fear of any kind
is slowly killing yourself
is lambs to the slaughter.
No trust in God, no trust in the universe
no trust in you,
is lambs to the slaughter

When leaders say something
you don’t need to agree with it
if you don’t receive it
if you don’t believe it
following someone no matter how
powerful you think they are
will lead you to slaughter.
Think for yourself
follow your truth
follow your light within.

Calling all lambs
calling all lambs
lambs to the slaughter
calling all lambs
calling all lambs
lambs to the slaughter
lambs to the slaughter.

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The sound of life
the sound of breath
the sound of love
the sound of God
432 HZ frequency is the sound
that sings the song of life.

The rhythm of your heart beat
the echoes of your tears falling
432 HZ frequency is the sound
that sings the song of life.

The frequency where
Everything is clear
intuition becomes stronger
the inner light shines through brighter.
We are the stars in the night
and everything in the universe,
in 432 HZ frequency.

We are the thoughts of God.
We are the life breath of the creator
and co-creator of our lives.
I thought I knew what love was but now I know
in the right frequency.

There is magic
there is power
there is truth
there is clarity
there is freedom
there is enlightenment
there is peace
there is the now.
There are miracles in every moment.
There are all your desires
Live it.
dream it.
Believe it.
432 HZ frequency is the sound
that sings the song of life.

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The crosswinds are upon me
how long will they blow
how long will they flow?
Past moving behind
future ahead
yet, I am living n the now,
where everything changes yet,
nothing changes at all.

The crosswinds
blow threw me and around me.
I see everything at once and
nothing at all.
The past was once a powerful pull
the future,
what does one say about the future but a blend of worrying and dreams
in an imaginary series of events yet to unfold.
All is illusion.
The crosswinds, where the two paths shall meet in the now.
Where there is no past or future only stillness.
Be still.

The crosswinds rage stronger and stronger in times of what seems like trouble and
in times of what seems like peace.
They meet in the eternal presence of surrendering and knowing
of truth.
They meet where I once was lost but now I’m found, in the I AM presence of God
Whatever God means to you.

Sometimes I feel like,
I feel
everyone’s emotions. They engulf me
penetrates me
moves deep inside me. Terrifying me at times
The Pain and suffering I feel is like my own
until the presence of the
crosswinds blow it away
and I know who I truly am.

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Is money the root of all evil?
No. It’s what you do with it that matters.
Are you a slave to money? Are you burdened by it
do you store it? do you not give?
If you do those things then it is evil.
Is it more important to you than relatonships? Do you love it more than you love your self?
Can a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven?
, Where your heart is lyes your treasure.
It’s not about the money It never is about the money
its about what other people think about the money.
Money is a tool to help you It doesn’t measure you for success or failure.
You can’t take it with you wgen you die.
Where you fo after you die there is no need for money
Do you let it rot and collect dust do you share it give it to the poor and needy?
Money has its place in this world. Yoi need to eat and pay bills that is true but
its your relatuionship with it that matters most.
Are you attached to it?
you need to cut off all attachments If you lost everything today would you be ok?
Lool at the dolphins in the oceans they have no money hyet they are happy. They are taken care of
There will be a time when money doesn’t exhist
What about retirenmnet?
I don’t know what to say about that.
trust the divine
trust the universe
In this 3D world of illusion we need money to live
surrender to the divine, your needs will be metBe greatful for what you have even if its not a lot
You are breathing this moment for a reason. Live in the now
you are ok in this very moment this very breah
in closing surrender all to the great spirit
surrender all and let go
surrender all and live
surrender all
do not be afraid.
you are taken careof
truly believe.
live the life you wabt to live not your parents not society not your friends
That is all.
Do you believe it?

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Sit in stillness
rest in your soul
where God resides.
Look past the veil,
at the true meaning of the word occult.
Truth, knowledge, and wisdom
it all belongs to you.
Beware of the dangers
Knowledge is power,
use wisely,
It’s destroyed civilizations
You are the I am.

Tap into your higher consciousness
feel the divine
feel the source of spirit
that is within you.
You have the power
you are the universe
you are the light
you are the way
you are the I am.

to follow spirit.
Become the light that you are.
You will know when spirit is talking
you will hear the answers in the stillness
you will know what way to go.
You are the I am.

Be unity in spirit,
unity in life
unity in love
unity in light
Just be.
You are the I am.

Live your life with purpose
live with creative expression.
Creative expression in all that you do,
in all that you love,
in all that you live.
You are the I am

Follow your dreams down every day.
Follow your dreams down
until they make you cry and sweat.
Follow your dreams down
that make your soul sing.
Follow your dreams down
like your lover.
Follow your dreams down
into every fiber of your being
You are the I am.

There is more than one way
There are billions of people on the planet
salvation comes from within,
meditate on that.
You are the Christ consciousness,
you are the Buddha incarnate,
you are the oversoul,
you are the air,
you are fire,
you are water,
you are the earth,
you are the angels,
you are the I am.

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why worry?
It gets you nowhere fast.
live in the present moment in the now
In theNOW all thing happen and don’t happen
In the now things exist and yet don’t exist
dig deeper for the meaning.
Worry does not solve anything, kit takes seconds from your life which add up to years and then death
worry causes you to die faster.

Trust your decisions.
Worry is fear doubled.
Trust your intuition.
You, and only you know what’s best for you.
No one else does.
They can offer opinions, but in the end its your choice.
Breathe, and listen tou your heart.
You worry cause you seek approvsal from others. Big mistake.
You don’t need approval from others
only from yourself.

It’s no one elses life but yours.
You can’t make everyone happy, you can’t please everyone, so stop trying!
People can say anything about you, and not understand.
It’s not their life.
It is yours.

My friends. Stop worrying. Live in the NOW.
The NOW is the past, present, and future all rolled into one,
and yet, straight as an arrow.
Things workout, trust in the divine.
Trust in the magic of you. and watch life unfold.
You are the co creator of life.
You can get what you want for your highrst good.
Stop worrying.
Worrying is a blockage. It saps your energy, dims your light, and lowers your vibration.
Get out of your own way. Make it happen.
If you worry come to me, focus on me, i will bring your back into the present.
In closing, nothing else profound to say except just stop.
That is all.

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ancient lands
ancient beauty
ancient wisdom
ancient truth.

The lands of long ago
stay with us through the end of times for us
to learn and to grow from spiritually.
When in doubt look to the islands,
the answers are there.
The hawks know what’s above,
the dolphins know what lies beneath.
Look to them for guidance.

The full moon shines it’s light over the ancient lakes
for all to see
the splendor
the beauty
the majesty
that is Hawaii.

for their ancient tombs in a modern life, it is unforgiving.
for the ancient ones to lead us to peace in troubled times.
the end is near, and hope starts with Hawaii because
Atlantis is Hawaii’s sister.
Don’t make the same mistake.
Ancient times in a modern world indeed.
This is Hawaii.

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